How Thousands Are Turning Messenger Into a Major Profit Center By Leveraging This Simple Tool.

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Why Messenger

How do we generate more sales, increase profitability, build a better customer relationship, and NOT have to continually invest more time into these area? Without knowing it, every business on the planet is seeking the answer to this question every single day.

We are in the middle of the next MAJOR revolution. An era that will change the fabric of our society... the “Automation Revolution”. Never before was it possible to allow technology to automate so many of our day-to-day tasks.

We use voice technologies to order groceries, food, clothing... and literally everything else you can imagine. We have apps in our phone that replace entire INDUSTRIES that existed for decades until now.

The true north for this major shift is “Automation”.

Businesses automation it to make processes...


…more efficient

…lower cost

…and the same processes Fortune 500 companies use are becoming available to small businesses and start ups... giving everyone a major edge.

It’s through these VERY automations that companies like Mercedes have increased their lead-test drive ration... chef’s like Jamie Oliver have sold thousands of books... small and large online stores are generating 900-1500% Return on Investment... and much more that I’ll explain here today.

Using systems like Messenger, and the information I’ll share with you below, even a 1 man business can compete with giants thanks to true conversational automation which is one of the major keys to sales.

Conversion is the most important and often overlooked part of the sales process. Much more important than what product you are selling, how much it costs, or any of the normal metrics companies typically care about.


Because if you can talk to someone and get to know them you’ll discover how they might benefit from your product and be able to offer them a direct solution to THEIR problem using YOUR product.

Your client are here with a problem.

You listen to your client


You offer a direct solution...


That leads to your product.

Your client are happy with a solution.

The biggest problem with this idea to date is that you would have to have a team of people on the phone or at events non stop and that’s just not viable for a small company...

But now...

…with Messenger being used by nearly 2 Billion people, and our ability to fully automate the conversational process inside of it, small companies can finally scale the conversational process and generate more sales. With less effort and time involved to do so... WHILE providing a quality experience for their user which enhances the relationship for the long term.

Messenger is a marketing engine that stands to make a lot of businesses a great deal more sales when used right. In fact recently we performed an in house test to see how much one of our customers made compared to email... we looked at a small window (3 days) and asked them to tally up how many emails they sent during that period and how many messenger messages were sent... then we added up how much they made from each...

The results blew us away...


The email list made .26 per email sent. Not bad considering this was in a 3 day period where they mailed the same list 3 times.



They made $4.08 per Messenger message sent, and they sent to their Messenger subscribers 2x during that same period of time.

So as you can see there is a major advantage to having Messenger subscribers and knowing how best to reach them to maximize this incredible attention getting marketing system...

Now - let me show you how we’ve gone about making it possible to automation this process and how I believe ANY business can generate more revenue through the use of Messenger automations thanks to Chatmatic...


Why Chatmatic

As mentioned previously, Messenger is on more than 1.8Billion phones. Making it the second most downloaded and used app on the planet (behind only Facebook). At first Facebook was mainly used to communicate with our friends, but it now is being used to discuss purchase decisions with businesses. Facebook reported that over 10,000,000,000 messages (yes, Billion) are sent between businesses and consumers EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I’ll give you a second to let that sink in...

In todays world we are becoming accustomed to instant results, and that is true of reaching businesses. If we have a question for a business we want to be able to get that answer INSTANTLY.

A recent Facebook study showed that 90% of consumer agree they will do business with the company that answers them first...

Exactly, 90%.

A few short years ago this wasn’t really possible... Messenger wasn’t as popular as it is now and wasn’t being used as actively to talk to a business... However that is all changing now as you can tell.

That is the “Reactive” side to Messenger automations and we’ve found that to be incredibly important. If a home builder misses a message from a potential prospect that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars... so ignoring and not automating Messenger is just unacceptable now that tools like Chatmatic exist and you’ll see why.

The “Proactive” side of Messenger is where profits start to sky rocket and the automations turn for the companies favor. Facebook allows businesses to automate incoming AND outgoing Messages through the platform which makes it a new marketing channel.


…being able to reach a customer in an app that they use DAILY to communicate your offerings without the same “noise” that comes with sending emails.

It’s this idea that has lead to Messenger having an astonishing 85% average Open Rate, more than 3x that of email marketing.

But now - for the “bad news”. Typically these amazing advantages were only available to large companies due to the need to write a lot of code in order to automate these conversations. This was basically just out of the scope for most small and medium businesses because it’s an advanced technology and hiring programmers to build this is no small task.

Enter... Chatmatic.

We decided to put the incredible power of Messenger in EVERY business owners hands by making it simple to build these Reactive and Proactive campaigns that act as fully automated sales agents without making you hire a single programmer or new team member.

We built an interface that takes the complex “automation” process and turns it into a “paint by numbers” style system.

Simple interface
Easy to manage
Free Trial

There is a lot of money to be made by those who understand how to best and morally use Messenger as a marketing engine... but most Messenger softwares are just software... built by teams of people who just build features and they often DON’T focus on results!

Chatmatic is built with the singular purpose of making it simple to build profitable Messenger automations so that any business could leverage the power of being in 1.8 Billion phones without having to hire team members and staff.

We built a robust platform that allows you to take advantage of the most useful functions Facebook Messenger makes available while avoiding the over complicated things that will slow you down.

Take a look...

Here’s a glimpse into what we built and how it is set up to help small to medium business... start ups... agencies and everyone who executes on our system to generate more sales. Every feature we look to add has the SINGULAR mission of helping automate a process that can generate leads or sales for businesses.

Make simple but beautiful messages using our proprietary Message builder that can automatically reply to any and all incoming messages or used in your outbound marketing objectives.

Highlight our built in image search and gif system.

Ability to save User Attributes/ Tags.

Quick Ability to pre populate emails and phone numbers.

Comment Triggers

Our “Comment Triggers” allow you to get a MASS number of subscribers into MEssenger easily by turning comments on your FB posts into Messenger conversations. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to grow quickly and is one of the most used Messenger features available. Imagine being able to turn a commenter into a subscriber and allow you to walk them down a unique marketing path while you have their attention.

One simple screen

We make it simple to build Welcome Messages, Keyword responses, Autoresponses, Broadcasts, and everything else you need in ONE simple screen. You can set it to respond to ANY and ALL messages or specific words or phrases. No matter what someone asks, you can be prepared and give them an instant response so NO ONE is ever left hanging. This makes it so that you get the best of both worlds where you are handling support while also creating your marketing sequences.

Subscriber tab

Manage and continue conversations with your subscribers in our “Subscriber Tab” which acts as a live chat for all of your subscribers and shows you some of the key metrics about what they’ve subscribed to and how many messages they’ve engaged with.

Integrations and automations

Our “Integrations and Automations” make it easy to collect subscriber information inside of Messenger and instantly push that information out to your CRM or autoresponder. Effectively removing the need for a landing page and using Messenger as your website to collect and monetize leads!

Prepopulate emails and phone numbers

Use Facebook Messengers built in features for prepopulating email address and phone numbers to collect lead data inside of Messenger and instantly port that information to your favorite text platform or email provider.

Campaign tab

When you’re ready to actively market to your audience you can use our “Campaign” tab to create Landing Pages, unique m .me links that fire off whatever messenger sequence you choose, follow up messages to best allow you to take advantage of that 24 hour window Messenger gives you to market to your new leads... and much more!
Take advantage of our in depth, yet easy to understand data displays so you know how best to optimize your campaigns for better performance.

Fully operational integrations

Once you have a Messenger subscriber you can start taking advantage of our fully operational integrations with other outside apps. Either via Zapier, basic webhooks or direct integration you can pass information from and TO Chatmatic. This allows you to send SPECIFIC messages to people as they need to hear them.

Some of our users use this for abandon cart marketing, webinar attendees vs. non attendee follow ups, and campaign related updated. Once an action takes place in your other marketing systems, you can update Chatmatic in real time - and then send personalized messages to people in your subscribers channels.

Most of all we specialize in helping our users get results! Having a great Messenger experience doesn’t mean much if you can’t use it and get people in it... so that is where our training system comes in.

That’s how we roll:

We go above and beyond the normal “software tutorials” and actually break down every Messenger Entry point so you know the best ways to get new subscribers...


Then we walk you through some of our experienced case studies that we’ve had both in house and from our members. Everything from ecommerce, agencies, and digital products, we’ll go into more depth of those here shortly.


We even go a bit farther and help you understand how to create the ads you’ll need to maximize your subscribers and generate more revenue from INCREDIBLY high ROI ad campaigns.


Lastly - we help you plan REAL sequences that enhance the customer buyer cycle through automated follow ups and action based messages that increase ROI from your traditional funnels.


Now you will have everything you need in one tool to help you connect with your users on THEIR terms, while not having to sit around and manage messages all day.

This is what it would be like if your favorite landing page builder, and your favorite email platform, and your favorite text messaging platform all got `together and became REALLY efficient...

Collect leads, indoctrinate those leads, and monetize those leads all with just one system.

Today - we’d like to prove that we are the best by giving you a completely free, 14 day, trial of Chatmatic. Completely unrestricted and access to all our features with nothing held back for 2 weeks allowing you to create as many automations as you need and full access to all of our training modules and tutorials.

Right now you can sign in to Chatmatic, let our in app “Cues” help you get your first bot in place, and start generating subscribers without paying anything.

If you do this right, you’ll likely profit from Chatmatic before you owe anything for it. We’ve helped thousands generate more sales through the use of automated Messenger conversations and campaigns... putting possibilities that used to be restricted to Fortune 500 companies in the hands of business owners of any size.

Pretty sweet right?

And yes - this will work on ANY fan page you have admin access to and the automations are installed in real time.

When you create the right Messenger experience, your users get to know more about you, your company and what you can provide for them and ultimately become better customers.

But don’t worry, we will help you discover how to monetize your subscribers the right way to ensure you never pay more for us than you make!

Access our tutorials and advanced Messenger strategy techniques

Get full, and unrestricted access to our software with nothing held back during the trial


Best Case Studies

See inside some of the best case studies in the Messenger marketing field to help you start your Messenger marketing off on the right foot.


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Take us up on this offer to get completely unrestricted access to Chatmatic for 14 days, start generating more qualified leads through the approaches and techniques we will teach you, and get that leg up on your competitors by engaging in this new lead source!

You can cancel anytime

Obviously, during the trial you can cancel at any time if you’re unhappy or just not using it. Send us an email with at least 3 days notice and we’ll ensure you are not billed if you aren’t using it. Our unlimited plan is only $149/ mo which is less than some companies would charge you for a SINGLE PAGE... and our system will allow you to build for as many pages as you’d like.

Why so cheap? Let me shoot it straight... we don’t have investors! See - most software companies have several investors and therefore HAVE to charge you more for your membership to be able to pay back their investors...

We flipped that model and let our sales be our investment. So as we generate more members, we add more features/ functionality/ training/ events/ you name it. That way our members can pay less than they would with our competitors AND be a part of something bigger than just one group of investors.

It’s a true win/win for everyone.

We believe you should LOVE our platform before paying for it and when you use our techniques and system for 14 days you will absolutely see why Messenger is a huge resource that you need in your profit arsenal.

So now you have all the tools and information you need to instantly start leveraging Messenger as a new lead source for yourself or for your clients without owing a dime, that is how much faith we have in the fact that Messenger marketing will become a new profit center for you and that Chatmatic will be the tool, community, and expertise to get you there.

Sign up for a free trial

We’ll instantly send you the information you need to start executing and have your first bot campaign up and running... but we are going to sweeten the deal quite a bit.

Start your free trial

But wait... there’s more. (Isn’t there always more?)

We want to add some bonuses for you to help you get even more value out of this.

First - immediately after you sign up for your trial we’ll allow you to book a one time onboarding call with one of our team members. We’ve found that by taking 15-20 minutes to have a quick call with out team... tell us what you do and how you plan on using Chatmatic... we can help YOU get quicker results and reduce your learning curve by more than half!

So as soon as you sign up here on this page, you’ll see a page where you can book a call with our onboarding team where we’ll explain what YOU should do personally to get the most out of this in the shortest amount of time.

Next... and this one I Think you’ll REALLY like.

We know that you’ll likely want some inspiration to get started so we have some templates ready for you when you get in. A template is just a pre built automation or sequence that we’ve already tested to ensure it generates leads and creates a good user experience.

Since we know everyone’s business is different we’ve put together some campaigns that can be used in any niche!

Our “lead gen” campaign which will help you captures someone’s email address quickly!

Our “Quiz maker” which allows you to make a viral quiz and collect the users email at the end.

Our “Contest” strategy is a GREAT way to get Messenger subscribers and sell your products quickly!

Once you’re in and have your first few bots running we also have entire pre built sequences and that match many of the most popular niches.

Lastly - we know you won’t want to be “thrown at the Messenger wolves” so we put together a series of training videos that will help you utilize Chatmatic to its fullest. Everything from software walk through to advanced automation training and lead generation techniques.

So that’s it...

You’ll have everything you need to get into Chatmatic, learn how to use it properly, and begin generating subscribers and new leads for your business quicker than ever before.

Taking full advantage of the features and functionalities that have helped thousands of businesses generate more revenue through Messenger and it’s direct connection to their customers.

We guarantee you’ll make more with us than you did without us, and isn’t that what we all want...

We welcome you to Chatmatic, can’t wait to hear how you benefit from these new systems and this amazing lead and customer generation source and want you to know we’re here to help when you need us!

Now - let me show you how we’ve gone about making it possible to automation this process and how I believe ANY business can generate more revenue through the use of Messenger automations thanks to Chatmatic...

Start your 14 day free trial

MMEDIATELY after joining you’ll get an email with the links you need to our membership area (which contains our software/ training/ and everything else you need), our exclusive members only group where you can get answers to questions and bounce ideas off of some other more experienced members, and a few other things you won’t want to miss.

That’s it for us - use the link above to join our free 14 day trial and we’ll see you inside!

Travis Stephenson
CEO, Chatmatic

Frequently asked questions

When I sign up, how do I access Chatmatic?
On the next page, you'll get a link to hop into Messenger with me to get access to Chatmatic and all the info you need. You don't need ANY licenses to start using it. You'll simply log in with Facebook and connect pages.
If I want to cancel - how would I do that?
You can cancel at any time (given 5 days advanced notice of your next billing date). You'll just submit a ticket in our help desk which you'll have access to when becoming a member.
Can I access the training however I want?
Yes! You can watch this from mobile, iPad, computer... your call. You also can access all of the training immediately after purchase.
How will I contact support if I have questions?
We have a support desk inside The Accelerator training system that you can use to submit any questions.